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Bicycle Importation

BEN has been importing used commuter style bikes since 2002 to address the almost total absence of these types of bikes in South Africa, mainly due to the market share and interest in road and mountainbikes and a fear of using bikes as everyday transport, a fact enhanced by the perceived unsafe road conditions for cyclists. To date, BEN has imported and 7000 used bicycles to be distributed in schools, the workplace, supplied to BEC's and to environmental organisations as part of a sustainable livelihoods program. Through the Shova Kalula program, a further 7000 bikes have been distributed to schools in the Western Cape.

BEN received six shipments of bikes in the past financial year - the annual Sustainable Livelihoods shipment of 140 as part of the Aachen - Cape Town partnership; 210 more OV Fiets to add to the 400 received in the previous year, from I-CE in conjunction with NS (National Railways in the Netherlands); 302 from Bicycles for Humanity in Portland, Oregon, as arranged by BEN intern Jenny Leonard; 190 bicycles from Canberra Australia as part of a school project envisaged and managed by 16 year old Michael Skene; a further shipment of 434 from regular supplier Recycle of the UK; and finally 94 used bikes from Bicycles for Humanity/ Johnny Loco in the Netherlands.

2009-11-01 LA21 Aachen 140 Assorted
2010-03-24 OV I-CE NL 210 OV Fiets
2010-07-09 B4H Portland US 302 Assorted
2010-07-30 Canberra AUS 190 Assorted
2010-08-02 Recycle UK 434 Assorted
2010-08-13 B4H NL 94 Assorted